How is this mask different from the N95?

The N95 mask is a single-use mask that filters particles. Our masks are reusable and filter particles from 5 microns (the average size of droplets that spread the virus) at over 98% efficacy- certified by the WHO to be an effective . Our masks are also imbedded with antimicrobial properties and provide. 

Does our mask kill COVID-19?

Our fabric is currently being tested for effectiveness against COVID-19 at the Bar Ilan University in Israel. However, our mask has shown to kill bacteria and fungi upon contact with the fabrics, as well as providing particle filtration from 5 microns and larger.

How do I wash my mask?

We recommend washing your mask once a week to remove any oils that may hinder the nanoparticles bacteria fighting capabilities. Additionally, our masks can be washed over 90 times in a regular laundry cycle, but to be safe you can hand wash them in warm water to make it last longer.

How long will it take to ship my mask?

We ship using DHL Express shipping, which will take between 2-4 business days.

What is the mask made of?

Our mask is a GSM high woven polycotton blend (65% cotton, 35% polymer).

Where is the mask produced?

Our masks are 100% manufactured in Israel. We have the only machine in the world capable of preforming the sono-coating process.

How can I be a part of Sonovia?

We are always looking for partners and investments. If you are interested in investments or collaborations with Sonovia, please email our marketing team at

We are also accepting donations here.

How do I order bulk quantities?

For orders of 100 masks or more, please email