SonoMask Flag Collection, U.S Edition: Antiviral, Reusable, Adjustable Face Masks With Nose Wire

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sonovia, sonomask, face mask, reusable mask, washable mask, cloth mask, adjustable mask

The SonoMask is an antiviral face mask that protects you and the environment. With a clinically validated filtration of 5 microns, it effectively provides a barrier from infected micro-droplets, the principal method of virus transmission according to the World Health Organization.


The SonoMask is produced from Sonovia’s patented fabric with antiviral properties. Sonovia treats fabrics with Zinc oxide nanoparticles through ultrasonic sono-finishing technology developed by the company in 2013. The mask’s fabric has undergone external laboratory tests and has garnered great results for effectiveness at protection even after 65+ washes. The dual-layer, containing cotton and polyester, acts as a shield against external contamination while providing breathable cover. The SonoMask has adjustable straps/loops and an embedded nose-wire allowing each individual to get the most comfortable and secure fit, and providing unparalleled protection throughout the day.



sonovia, sonomask, face mask, reusable mask, washable mask, cloth mask, adjustable mask,sonovia mask

A reusable face mask for daily use, the SonoMask keeps you protected from airborne microorganisms and protects those around you. The recommended washing procedure is once per week with soap or mild detergent and warm water to remove the build-up of natural oils on the mask. Handwash with soap or put it in a gentle laundry cycle. Do not use bleaches or softeners, and do not tumble dry. Let the mask air dry until the next use.




Every one of our masks has an active antimicrobial coating of our proprietary formulations of Zinc oxide nanoparticles that neutralizes viral particles. With our unique, ultrasonic technology, the nanoparticles are embedded into the fabric of each SonoMask, ensuring long term protection.

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The product was tested by certified laboratories.

Please note: The product is not a medical device. 

The product was not cleared by FDA and has no CE mark

According to WHO, wearing a face mask does not guarantee that you will not contract a virus. Viruses can also pass through the eyes, and no mask is 100% effective. However, droplet-capturing masks prevent the primary method of virus transmission. HOWEVER, we do not recommend under any circumstance for you to come in contact with those showing symptoms, and if you are showing symptoms, please refrain from contact with others.


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