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SonoMask  Adjustable, Reusable Face Masks.

Durable Washable Face Mask Covers with Antimicrobial Protection Every Wear

Designed to last over a year, SonoMask by Sonovia is a durable antimicrobial face mask, convenient to use and easy to wash and wear again and again. A comfortable sturdy mask that protects you and the environment. It has a clinically validated filtration of 5 microns which effectively provides a barrier from infective micro-droplets, a key component in the transmission of contagions. Furthermore, with its inner layer permanently fixated with our sustainable coating of zinc oxide, the antimicrobial protection stays in place even after extensive washing.

  • WASH & WEAR AGAIN: A revolutionary face mask you can wear and wear again, remain protected from airborne microorganisms, and protect those around you, each and every time with this reusable mask. Recommended face mask washing of once per week with soap or mild detergent and warm water to remove natural lipids/oils build up that may hinder the activity of the nanoparticles.  Wash in a regular laundry cycle or handwash. Let the washable face mask completely air dry before its next use.
  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE: No more uncomfortable and ill-fitting face coverings. SonoMasks are adjustable, fitting snug around your head, most importantly forming a close-seal around the mouth and nose.  A banded face mask that feels comfortable you may even forget you are wearing it at 3.5×7.7 inches (9×19.5cm).
  • LONGLASTING:  A mask cover designed for excessive uses, protecting you countless times whilst conserving resources and saving the environment.  As the alternative to one use N95/surgical masks, this vastly more environmentally friendly mask option, will not disappoint. A face mask cover with dual-layer and dual action. The outside layer is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton and the inside layer is made of 100% polyester with antimicrobial treatment.
  • ADVANCED ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY: Each and every one of our masks has an active antimicrobial coating-protection due to our proprietary formulation of Zinc oxide nanoparticles.  With our unique patented ultrasonic, fabric-finishing technology, zinc oxide nanoparticles are ingrained and embedded into the fabric of each SonoMask.  Zinc oxide is insoluble in water and therefore the antibacterial properties will not easily break down.
  • FREE SHIPPING: Timing is critical, and we want you to get your reusable face mask immediately. A mask with free shipping and 3 business day delivery, an offer you cannot beat!


According to WHO, wearing a face mask does not guarantee that you will not contract a virus. Viruses can also pass through the eyes and viral miniscule particles, called aerosols, can enter through the masks. However, droplet-capturing masks are effective against the primary method of virus transmission. HOWEVER, we do not recommend under any circumstance for you to come in contact with those showing symptoms, and if you are showing symptoms, please refrain from contact with others.