Medium SonoMask: Masques Antiviraux de Protection du Visage Ajustables et Réutilisables Avec Pince-nez

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The SonoMask is an antiviral face mask that protects you and your environment. With a clinically validated 5 micron filtration, it actually offers a barrier against infected microdroplets, the main mode of transmission of the virus according to the World Health Organization.




The SonoMask is made with the patented fabric with anti-viral properties from Sonovia. Sonovia treats fabrics with zinc oxide nanoparticles using ultrasonic sound-finishing technology developed by the company in 2013. The mask fabric has been tested in third-party laboratories and has obtained excellent results for the effectiveness of its protection even after more than 65 washes. The double layer, containing cotton and polyester, functions as a shield against external contamination while providing breathable protection. The SonoMask has adjustable straps / buckles and an integrated nose clip allowing each person to achieve the most comfortable and secure fit and providing unmatched protection throughout the day.





A reusable face protection mask for everyday use, the SonoMask keeps you safe from airborne microorganisms and protects others around you. The recommended washing procedure is once a week with mild soap or detergent and warm water to wash away the build-up of natural oils on the mask. Hand wash with soap or machine wash on gentle cycle. Do not use bleaches or softeners, and do not tumble dry. Allow the mask to air dry until next use.





Chacun de nos masques possède un enduit antimicrobien actif issu de nos formulations brevetées de nanoparticules d’oxyde de zinc qui neutralisent les particules virales. Grâce à notre technologie ultrasonique unique, les nanoparticules sont intégrées au sein du tissu de chaque SonoMask, garantissant une protection à long-terme. 

Car le facteur temps est crucial et nous voulons que vous receviez vos masques le plus vite possible. Livraison gratuite et livraison en 3 jours ouvrables, une offre irrésistible ! 



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Avertissement :

Le produit a été testé par des laboratoires agréés.

Attention : Le produit n’est pas un équipement médical. 

Le produit n’a pas été validé par la FDA et n’a pas de marquage CE 

According to the WHO, wearing a protective mask does not guarantee that you do not contract a virus. Viruses can also pass through the eyes, and no mask is 100% effective. However, the masks intercepting the droplets impede the main mode of transmission of the virus. HOWEVER, we do not recommend that you come into contact with people with symptoms under any circumstances, please limit your contact with others. 

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