Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together customer’s frequently asked questions to give you more information about Sonovia as a company and our products. If you don’t find your query addressed here, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support Team, who would be happy to assist through our email or through the Sonovia ltd. official Facebook page.

Purchasing a Mask

We ship worldwide at our website store here!

Choosing the right size for your SonoMask is essential to ensure the mask performs effectively. The SonoMask is available in a variety of sizes to fit the whole family. The SonoMask comes with adjustable earloops/head straps and an embedded nose wire that help smoothly conform the mask to your face, forming a consistent fit and seal around the mouth and nose, providing unparalleled comfort and protection throughout the day.

Please refer to the graphic below to find the right size for you:

* The measurements are not the mask dimensions, but rather recommended faces measurement to find the right fit prior to purchase.

If you desire to combine different sizes in your package, you can do so by stating your preference in the additional information section at the bottom of the checkout page. (E.g., 2 large ear loop black, 3 medium head strap white, 5 small head strap black)

When checking out, you are only required to include your shipping address, as the invoice will be directly sent to the email you provided within 7 days.

We ship using DHL Express shipping, with an estimated 3-5 business days delivery.

You can’t use PayPal to pay on our website. However, you can use PayPal to purchase our mask via eBay:

Coronavirus FAQ

Our patented technology utilizes ultrasonic energy to infuse textiles via a sustainable process, giving them wash-durable, antiviral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-odor properties. We are applying a Zinc-Oxide-based, green, and safe formulation on our masks. The ZnO infused in our masks creates a reaction that modifies bacteria and viruses’ structure, thus killing them, and ensuring that both the person wearing the mask and those around them are protected.

The resulting material provides proven protection against viruses, including SARS-COV2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19, and all types of bacteria (including antibiotic-resistant bacteria). The masks can be washed numerous times while maintaining their high Anti Viral/ Anti Microbial performance, thus, preventing the environmental risk of biological hazard waste.

Sonovia received encouraging results from internationally accredited laboratory ATCCR Testing laboratory corroborating the SonoMask, which is protected by Sonovia’s proprietary formula, eliminated 99.4% of SARS-COV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) within just 30 minutes of exposure in accordance with ISO 18184.

Additional tests conducted in the European Union Authorised Hygcen laboratory in Austria also proved that Sonovia’s textiles prevent the textile’s viral contamination and thus protects the wearer, as it demonstrated more than 99% efficacy against the tested virus.

Our technology was initially developed to fight Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) – a global concern affecting millions of patients’ lives. Sonovia participated in the EU funded research program Horizon 2020 – as part of this program, we ran clinical trials to prove our ability to prevent or significantly reduce HAIs. The results were excellent, with Sonovia’s technology proven to fight all types of bacteria, including different kinds of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Our technology has demonstrated even more potent efficacy against different microorganisms in testing by different reputed independent labs for other applications and test protocols, successfully deactivating 99.9% of viruses even after 55 wash cycles.

The N95 mask is a rating for dust filtration only and is not stipulated for antiviral protection. Our metal-oxide infused masks have a particle filtration above 98% of 5 microns and last over one year. Please be aware the main route of infection is through infected aerosol droplets. The SonoMask not only filters these particles but deactivates the viruses and bacteria on the mask. For more info, please read our blog on this matter.

While other masks in the market filter droplets and particles that may carry COVID-19. The SonoMask has a >98% effectiveness at filtering 5-micron particles, following WHO guidelines. 

Sonovia’s textiles used in the SonoMask have been tested by internationally accredited laboratories and proven to eliminate particles of SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Sonovia’s fabric has been proven to sustain its protection even after 55 washes when used as recommended.

According to WHO, wearing a face mask does not guarantee that you will not contract a virus. Good personal hand hygiene is required as viruses can also pass through cross-contamination of a person’s hands, and no mask is 100% effective. However, droplet-capturing masks prevent the primary method of virus transmission. However, we do not recommend under any circumstance for you to come in contact with those showing symptoms, and if you are showing symptoms, please refrain from contact with others.

Product FAQ

We recommend hand washing the mask with soap and cold water once a week to remove any oils and dirt from the mask. For best results, we recommend using an Eco-friendly detergent – neutral pH, nonionic (for example, ECOS); The detergent will also support stain removal. Softeners and bleaching agents should be avoided.

Yes, the SonoMask met a wide range of tests to ensure they are effective and safe to use for the whole family. Cytotoxicity tests, conducted in the European Union Authorised Hygcen laboratory in Austria, resulted in a cell vitality of more than 70% compared to the control and therefore considered not cytotoxic and safe for use.

Furthermore, Sonovia’s technology uses 30% fewer chemicals and 100% fewer chemicals binders than the current fabric finishing method, making it nontoxic to humans and the environment.

No, we will shortly be launching comfortable, washable, reusable cotton gloves. Sonovia is also conducting partnerships with world-renown fashion brands, car makers, and public transportation. Including Bruckner-Textile Technology GmbH, and Adler Automotive.

The mask is made of GSM high woven polycotton blend (Outer layer: 80% cotton, 20% polymer; Inner layer: 65% cotton, 35% polymer), coated with our antiviral technology.

Distributor, Custom Orders, and Press

If you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities of over 100 SonoMasks, seeking business collaborations, investment opportunities, or/and would like to receive our official marketing material, please email

We are happy to produce custom made masks for you or your company. We have a talented in-house design team who will work with you to create a pattern that suits your brand. Please bear in mind that the minimum custom order is for 200 masks. Get your quote by sending an email to

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